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In a technological world of social media, distance learning, and working from home, connecting with Love has become almost a commodity, rather than a vital aspect of life, much like the air we breathe. As we press forth in the pursuit of money, possessions, and relationships, we can lose ourselves along the way. How we retain our ‘self’ and keep connecting in a powerfully loving way can free us from enormous burdens and help us to establish wonderful new relationships, understanding, and acceptance of those around us. Denise Wilbanks has unlocked the enormous impact of Love that is within all of us in a direct, personal, and insightful way that is sure to be life-altering. Speaking with a voice of love, compassion, and understanding, Denise moves the reader through the common patterns, pitfalls, and dreams that we tend to cling to and that ultimately cloud a future that could be brighter than we ever imagined. Raw and heartfelt, Connecting to Love: Unleashing the Power of Yes reminds us all that changing our perspective can move us onto the path we were destined to travel. Take a journey of passion, insight, and love and discover truths about yourself that can set you free. Connect with love. Unleash the power of Yes. Today.
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