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Although most things in life are free, many also come at a great personal cost and in most instances we are unaware of what that cost really consist of.  Our mind plays a key role in clouding our ability to discern truth and often drives us straight into a mirage, placing us in harms way.

For over a decade I have focused in raising my level of Consciousness and becoming aware of habitual patterns that tend to drop me into a snake pit. I am of course referring to a metaphoric snake pit, yet in the moment when my mind is in its reactive state, I see little to no difference as I am tricked into believing a particular arrangement of circumstances based on my judgment, demands and perception.  The dirty little secret we all would like to forget is that the Ego is the chief culprit in this act of mischief. We would rather not hold ourselves accountable for that which we somehow believe “was not my fault”.

If you think this state of illusion where “now you see it, now you don’t” is an anomaly to me as an individual, think again. Somewhere in the shadows of our central operating system is a hidden compartment where we have stored a series of memories. These memories are triggered by new events taking place minute by minute. Through our neural receptors, these events elicit the recall of those memories thereby activating a particular prior lived experience.  Right, wrong or otherwise the data collected at the time of that prior experience dictates a reaction to the current set of circumstances.

Whether we care to admit it or not, we are ill equipped in discerning how to make a clear choice.  If we only go by the information our brain stored likely during the formative years, that choice will not be supportive little alone serve us later in life.

To illustrate this, I will recant an experience I had filled away at the age of eight or nine.  During those days I lived in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.  A friend of the family was helping me sale raffle tickets for a local fair.  My participation in this fair as either a queen or princess would be determined based on the amount of raffle tickets sold.  The gentleman tells my mother: “I think Denise should win the contest because she is so beautiful” to which my mother responded, “We are teaching her to be smart”. In that moment I felt ugly, and not hearing any validation contrary to my belief, caused me to conclude that the statement made was untrue. For most of my youth and adulthood I believed I had no business bothering with any feminine beauty rituals, after all, what for? I lived my life grossly disregarding my sense of self.  This negligence spun into other beliefs and before I knew it, my original blueprint had been completely altered.  It was not until 1999 that I discovered what I had falsely store away.

Coming face to face with the truth was not only liberating, but represented the breaking of my own shell of pain and suffering.  I was finally able to see the tremendous cost I had paid at the hand of beliefs I kept hidden and locked away inside my subconscious mind. The methods I learned to climb out of this snake pit where simple and profoundly transformational.  Since then I dedicate much of my life teaching others how to see the mirror of illusion and determine whether there is a doggie in the window worth buying or not.



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