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What makes man different from animals is that he is aware of himself.
He is able to reflect upon himself and analyze what happens to him, how his environment influences him and how he can change his consciousness.
~Dirk Gillabel~

Tonight I watched Oprah Winfrey tell her story on the Master Class program during the premier of OWN(the Oprah Winfrey Network). As a result, an “aha moment” presented itself in my mind. Oprah spoke of her understanding and empathy for those who come into this world and are birthed as the result of an unwanted pregnancy. The story was so compelling and she told it with such candor that it struck a chord, affirming the contrast of my own beginning. I had never given any thought to what it would feel like to be unwanted and live with the depth of sadness stemming from that scarring emotion. Hearing her words brought me home.


Home to the notion that I was, in fact, was gifted with life and welcomed into this world with great celebration. Home to a wondrous arrival filled with anticipation. And home to the unconditional love that has strengthened the root of my very being. Furthermore, her words brought me home to my very own purpose in life, which is to convey and spread the mystery of love. Something inside me must have know this purpose from very early on.


Knowing I matter because I’m here illuminates my path. There isn’t a speck of doubt in my mind that the foundation to all life proceeds from love. The sublime energy that creates us with its ease and grace transcends, bewildering all human reason.In many ways, we learn vicariously. When we choose to be receptive and open to learning, we can in fact extract what is offered, even if it’s not through our very own experience.


The personal issues Oprah Winfrey has shared so publicly and willingly have touched the lives of millions. Putting herself out in plain sight and offering up her privacy in exchange for transparency is not a walk in the park. She crosses over gender lines, teaching both men and women how to get in touch with their inner truth. I attribute Oprah’s success to her grounded energy, her self-confidence, and her uncanny awareness of Spirit as she pays tribute to all humankind. Her message is inclusive and vibrant, empowering many to seek and discover. She has a gentle yet direct way of eliciting awareness from her audience. In recognition of her personal style as a teacher, host, and writer, I have adopted a similar vantage point in the process of developing the topic of this book. Oprah’s coined phrase What I Know for Sure will be used to summarize my opinions and observations. I have indexed events in my mind marking a specific transformation that moved me into actualizing a new behavior—a behavior that, when modified, revealed expansion in my ability to love and receive the energy of love sourcing me. By bringing in my personal life’s experiences, I hope to call upon the kinship we all share as humans. I don’t pretend to fit in Oprah’s shoes—I have my very own. However, I do wish to acknowledge with great reverence the spark of inspiration she has ignited, leading me onto this venture.


Yes, there is some fear and even apprehension in stepping out this way for my very first time as a writer. I will embrace the moment and reach up to touch “the rainbows in my life,” to quote Momma Ya, as I refer to Maya Angelou. Momma, synonymous with Mother in the South, and Ya, derived from a Spanish word meaning “in this very moment.” Surely she won’t mind, considering the fact that she refers to Edgar Allen Poe as “eap.” We all have endearing terms and recollections of those who impact our lives. Who are some of your favorite writers or everyday folks who have carved a place in your blueprint? What have they helped you learn? How are you now different as a result of these lessons? Did you reach new heights and amaze yourself? Making a personal declaration to set sail empowers us on every journey. It is what affixes our intention and gives us momentum.

What I know for sure is that when I choose to take such a bold stance and lean at the edge of the cliff that defines my boundaries, I defy my fear. I’m sending a clear message to the universe that says, “I got it—I’m ready to test my wings.” The universe then responds accordingly and provides the experiences that launch me into a maneuver, allowing for expansion of skills. It then provides the unexpected—the element of challenge that promotes the growth of new feathers to replace those lost from flying through the storms.

(From chapter 1 of Connecting to Love: Unleashing the Power of Yes) http://www.amazon.com/Connecting-Love-Unleashing-Power-Yes/dp/1466486376/ref=…


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