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On November 17th I visited Deepak Chopra’s website.  I admire him and love all the innovative ideas he puts in place to support his followers with wellness. On this day I glanced at the Community column and spotted a question directed at Deepak that made my heart ache.  The person’s title to the story was “Giving Up”.  In it, a barrage of hopelessness revealed this person’s consideration to end it all. Having been in a similar place once or twice over my lifetime, I could not help but feel profound empathy.

The line, “The time for me to have reversed and worked on my issues has expired,” caught my attention.  How often do we fall prey to similar belief?       I feel certain this person is not alone in thinking that somehow time stops its course keeping us prisoners in our misalignment.  Guided by unconsciousness, we often allow our thought processes to engage in repetitive dramas. Entertaining this type of behavior in fact contributes to quantifying that which we dreadfully want to avoid.

It has been my experience that only when we choose to look at ones part in the libretto named “Accountability” does one find the way to forge ahead. Reminiscing into the past is important, not dwelling; two all together different arenas.  Looking into what thoughts, behaviors and patterns got us lost through the maize that make up our beliefs is a pivotal factor in creating a paradigm shift. You can’t begin to change that which you are unaware of.  You can’t become aware of that which you are unwilling to look at or take responsibility for. Having the courage to step into one’s pain and fear is a liberating exercise in and of itself.  Consciousness rises anew from the ashes of chaos.

With this said, one must strike a balance between reviewing and analyzing. In my book “Connecting to Love; Unleashing The Power of  Yes” I placed the lyrics of Lateralus by Tool in a prominent place. This song is of particular significance for a number of reasons, one of which is the line : “Over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind. Withering my intuition, missing opportunities, and I must feed my will to feel my moment drawing way outside the lines. The song later suggests that we reach our Divinity when we “swing on the spiral”. I take that to mean, swing within the confines of our mind’s perceived limitations in order to stretch our potentiality reaching laterally into the realm of possibilities. Possibilities in no way imply certainties. It simply means one is open to exploration; willing to step aside all judgment and preconceived notions of what reality ought to look like.

Often in life we get fixated with the idea that if we work hard at something, come what may,  we should attain it by default. That is like setting our dials and our mindset to a channel that plays nothing but falseness.  When we awaken to realize that we have been fooled by this “idol”, deception is so hard to bear we can’t face the fact that it was our own hand that placed the setting on this hypnotic tune.

In closing, I would like to express my heartfelt prayers for the person in the “Giving Up” story and invite all who read this to send their loosh.  Furthermore, I invite you to consider giving up resistance and travel into universal consciousness.  Step into the spiral of your fears.

Oneness awaits…


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